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Schedule & Calendar


2022   School

Closure Dates

  • School Closed Memorial Day

  • School Closed July 4th

  • School Closed Labor Day

  • School Closed Thanksgiving and day after

  • School Closed Christmas and Christmas Eve

  • School Closed Week between Christmas and New Years

  • School Closed New Year’s Eve and New Year's Day

Our Dailey Schedule


7:00am-8:00am       Arrival/Quiet Play/Stories


8:00am-8:15am        Story Time


8:15am-8:30am         Bathroom Break/Hand washing


8:30am-9:00am        Breakfast

9:00am-9:30am       Art Activity/Free Choice

9:30am-9:45am         Morning Circle Time

9:45am-10:45am       Centers/Free Choice        

10:45am-11:00am      Science and Exploration


11:00am-11:30am       Outside Play/Music Movement Gross Motor Activity

11:30am-11:45am      Bathroom Break/Hand washing

11:45am-12:15pm     Lunch

12:15pm-12:30pm   Bathroom Break/Hand washing

12:30pm-2:30pm      Nap/Rest Time

2:30pm-2:40pm        Bathroom/Hand washing 

2:30pm-3:00pm         P.M. Snack

3:00pm-3:30pm        Outside Play/Music Movement Gross Motor Activity

3:30pm-3:40pm         Bathroom Break/Hand washing                

3:40pm-3:55pm         Story Time


3:55pm-4:55pm         Free Choice

4:55pm-5:00pm       Small Group Activities/Departure


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